Ten new children’s homes could be opened in Somerset by 2026


Somerset County Council wants to prevent further sharp rises in the cost of residential placements

Ten new children’s homes could be opened across Somerset by 2026 to provide better support for the county’s most vulnerable children.

Somerset County Council’s children’s services team has seen the cost of residential placement for children in its care rise sharply in recent times, putting pressure on its ability to deliver other services.

To prevent further sharp rises in costs, and improve the lot of children with the most complex needs, the council is investing millions of pounds over the next five years into new children’s homes.

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The council will also invest in the same period in higher needs foster carers and specialist therapeutic education to ensure the children in question have everything they need.

The new investment was unanimously agreed by the council’s cabinet when it met in Taunton on Monday morning (June 21).

Councillor Frances Nicholson, cabinet member for children and families at Somerset County Council, said: “I’m absolutely delighted to be bringing this forward. These children have had some of the biggest challenges – but they are still children, and they need to be brought up as best we can.

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