Understanding the power of restorative justice

There are countless beautiful initiatives paving the path of peace all over the world that we never hear about. Even in the most wretchedly troubled places on the face of the earth, there are those who are courageously working towards the shalom, the salaam, the peace, the síochaín of their people. As people of faith, […]

Dognapping of Lady Gaga’s dogs & the restorative justice movement

If  the dastardly deed that sent a 19-pound Bichon Fise named Leo to his death happened today in San Jose instead of in February 2000 and George Gascon was the Santa Clara District Attorney would the man convicted for the crime ever have seen  the inside of a jail let alone state prison? The dog’s […]

Is Restorative Justice the Future of the Juvenile Justice System?

This article is the second part of a special report on the juvenile justice system in Berkeley and beyond. Read part one here.  Thousands of hours of research have been devoted to understanding the school-to-prison pipeline. Many now recognize that harsh disciplinary actions such as zero-tolerance policies, as well as high levels of suspension and expulsions […]

Restorative Justice and Cannabis

“Have you ever met the funny reefer man? If he takes a sudden mania He’ll want to give you Pennsylvania Oh, you know you’re talking to the reefer man.” Cab Calloway, Dizzy Gillespie, Count Basie, and Louis Armstrong were all jazz prodigies, bringing swing into the 1930s. Marijuana was illegal in 29 states when “Reefer […]

Restorative justice provides accountability, healing, and justice

It demands honest acknowledgement of wrongs done and meaningful accountability — prerequisites for healing both the victim and the wrongdoer. Fifteen years as a judge have shown me that healing, humanity, and hope are in short supply in the criminal justice system. Restorative justice principles address this shortage by asking often ignored questions: Who has […]

New website explores use of restorative justice in Ireland

A new website exploring the use of restorative justice and practices in the Irish criminal justice system has been launched with funding from the Department of Justice. The restorativejustice.ie website has been launched by the Restorative Justice: Strategies for Change (RJS4C) project and hosts the initial findings of its mapping exercise and its first tranche of case studies. The website […]

Surrey man receives prestigious restorative justice award

Gurinder Mann. (Submitted photo) East Newton resident Gurinder Mann one of five to receive a Community Safety and Crime Prevention Award East Newton resident Gurinder Mann has received a prestigious Community Safety and Crime Prevention Award from the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General. The executive director of CERA, or Communities Embracing Restorative Action, […]

Lives that Bind: Restorative Justice Installation on Virtual View

An exciting new art exhibit curated by former California African American Museum curator jill moniz is now installed on the first floor of Santa Monica’s new City Hall East. The exhibit spans works from major names such as Kerry James Marshall, Alfredo Ramos-Martinez, and Alison Saar, and other local emerging and established BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) artists, such as Umar Rashid (featured in the Hammer Museum’s Made in L.A. 2020 exhibit) and Emma Robbins (Director of the Navajo Water Project). While City Hall […]

Staff Council hears university plans to improve diversity training

Texas State will implement new efforts this spring aimed to broaden knowledge and improve its voice on diversity issues, the university’s interim chief diversity officer announced in a Jan. 12 Staff Council meeting. As part of Dr. Stella Silva’s updates, Texas State has contracted Life Anew, a restorative justice consultation agency dedicated to employing restorative […]


Restorative Justice for All, a charity helping young people in Southwark, says demand for its support services increased by 400% during the pandemic. The charity is one of many in the borough given an emergency grant of £500 by Tesco and to receive donated food for its work supporting those struggling with food insecurity. has […]

The Prison Within: inside a moving documentary about restorative justice

Troy Williams had his guard up when Katherin Hervey visited San Quentin state prison, where he was serving a life sentence for kidnapping and robbery. The director was there to record inmates for what would become the restorative justice documentary The Prison Within. Williams was the resident film-maker in San Quentin. He’s also the founder […]

Researchers see progress in pilot restorative justice program in S.A. schools

AUGUST 10, 2020 — After one academic year, eight out of nine campuses that participated in My Brother’s Keeper San Antonio’s pilot restorative justice initiative have shown progress on first-year implementation indicators, according to an evaluation by UTSA. Restorative justice is a whole school approach to building a positive school climate and addressing harm. “Though […]

Dalhousie law school houses the first International Restorative Justice lab

Lab aims to transform the justice system, safeguarding the health, safety and well-being of Canadians The Restorative Research, Innovation and Education Lab (RRIELab), described by the school as the first ever international lab to concentrate on restorative justice, is located at Dalhousie University’s Schulich School of Law. Dalhousie University, supported by the Donald R. Sobey Foundation, […]