Low Pay, Bad Working Conditions, COVID Burnout Spark Likely Global Nursing Shortage

GENEVA – The International Council of Nurses warned Thursday that the world was facing a nursing crisis and could expect a significant shortage — perhaps a reduction by half — in the global nursing workforce of 27 million in the next few years. The council said its latest survey of 64 national nursing associations found […]

Nurse work environment influences stroke outcomes

Stroke remains a leading cause of death worldwide and one of the most common reasons for disability. While a wide variety of factors influence stroke outcomes, data show that avoiding readmissions and long lengths of stay among ischemic stroke patients has benefits for patients and health care systems alike. Although reduced readmission rates among various […]

Swedish Covid nurse to watch entire film festival alone in lighthouse

A Swedish nurse has won a competition to watch the entire 60-movie programme of the Goteborg Film Festival from a lighthouse on an isolated island off the coast of Sweden. Lisa Enroth beat 12,000 film fans from around the world who applied. The nurse, who has worked on Covid-19 wards during the pandemic, said she […]

RCN demands honesty from PM on nursing pay

RCN general secretary challenges prime minister on misleading NHS pay comment In the House of Commons this morning, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told members of parliament that: “There has been above inflation pay rises for public sector workers, and nurses in particular have had a 12.8% pay rise in the last few years.” The RCN […]