Staff from Banbury nursing home raise money for charity providing relief for people impacted by Covid in India


More than 20 people from a Banbury nursing home took part in a sponsored walk to help people impacted by Covid in India.

Nearly two dozen staff and other volunteers from The Julie Richardson Nursing Home in Banbury took part in the sponsored walk on Friday July 9.

Jayanthi Antony, the registered manager at the nursing home, coordinated the event, which with the help from the Banbury Indian Malayali community and staff at the nursing home they raised £1,200.

She said: “The drastic daily increases in death in India due to Covid-19 had ignited an interest in me to do a sponsored walk dedicated to the Covid fund in Kerala.

“Alongside my team at The Julie Richardson Nursing Home, we were able to accomplish the sponsored walk from The Julie Richardson Nursing Home to Bloxham School. I am so happy that we managed to help some children who lost their parents due to the Covid pandemic.”

The money raised will be transferred to British Malayali Charity Foundation Trust.

A staff member, Irene Wyngaardt, aged 76, who took part in the walk, said: “Doing this sponsored walk enabled me to thoroughly think about the situation in India. By donating and participating I know that I have tried to better the Covid situation in India.”

The nursing home’s director, Charles Taylor, said: “I am very happy that I have such a caring and helping team in our nursing home.”


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