Son’s concern for elderly father after his care home takes on ex-Covid patients


THE family member of a care home resident has expressed safety concerns as he claims ex-Covid patients have been brought in without enough consideration.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, has said he is concerned for the welfare of his 93-year-old father who lives in Wyndham Manor care home, Cleator Moor.

He is concerned that the ex-Covid patients being taken on at the home from hospitals could still be able to transmit the virus.

He said: “Over the last few days they’ve more or less unilaterally decided to take in ex-Covid patients.

“They’re not consulting residents’ families. My dad’s been there since November, he pays £750 per week to be safe.”

The man’s father is at high risk of serious illness if he catches coronavirus.

“If he were to get that virus it would be end of story.”

He said: “It just concerns me that they’re bringing that risk into the environment.

“I’m not sure just because you’ve had it, you can’t still pass it on. I have contact with people who have contact with staff in there and some of the staff are not very happy at all.”

Wyndham Manor is a private business which was asked by Cumbria County Council, if they could take on ex-Covid patients at the home.

People being placed in Wyndham Manor are medically fit but they are still Covid-positive. They are no longer in need of a hospital bed but require social care. The county council has said that a separate environment has been set up to care for them, separately to the other residents.

Vanessa Cutler, manager at Wyndham Manor, said: “We’re pleased to have been able to offer beds within Wyndham Manor to care for people in these circumstances.

“We have robust infection prevention and control measures in place which have been reviewed by our local NHS and by the CQC and mean we can operate safely.”

The provision makes Wyndham Manor Cumbria’s first Designated Setting.

A spokesman for the council said: “These facilities are to support the discharge of people from hospital who are medically well but have tested positive for Covid-19 and remain within their 14 day isolation period.

“These people do not require ongoing acute hospital care, but require care and support within a care home environment.”

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