Inspiring On Partner with Cornwall RFLC

 Cornwall RLFC are pleased to partner with Inspiring On for the 2023 Betfred League 1 season. The partnership will see Inspiring On’s branding feature on the Choughs’ playing kit in 2023 while the company will also become the sponsor of the club’s medical team.  Tony Pilling, chief executive officer of Inspiring On, said: “I have really enjoyed watching Cornwall […]

Jayne’s Celebrating 10 years of Serennu Children’s Centre

Jayne’s Mission. I am walking and cycling for Sparkle (South Wales) Limited because they offer such amazing support for families To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the opening of Serennu Children’s Centre, I have decided to do a sponsored event to raise funds for Sparkle. During each week for the 10 weeks prior to […]

Elections Bill risks the disenfranchisement of people with a learning disability

Dr Mark Brookes MBE, Advocacy Lead at Dimensions UK, discusses the implications of the Elections Bill and measures to introduce voter ID on voter participation for people with a learning disability As part of the government’s proposed Elections Bill, new laws would require voters to show photo ID at polling stations. Worryingly, this new requirement has the potential to exclude […]

Competition launched to develop sustainable retirement solutions

A competition has been launched to help develop solutions that bring together and harness the best in technology, architecture, finance and health and care provision, to create financially, socially and environmentally sustainable elderly care. The Silver Linings Competition aims to find catalyst ideas that can then be developed into solutions that help make older persons […]

How Evidence Can Be Trumped by a Suspect’s Atypical Behavior

For these individuals, justice might not be done. KEY POINTS Sometimes, a suspect’s non-normative or atypical behavior influences decision-making in investigative and courtroom contexts. Autistic adults sometimes display behavioral characteristics that are commonly, and erroneously, associated with an intention to deceive. Reliance by legal decision-makers on a suspect’s misleading behavioral cues can bias the direction […]

Offers put in on Calderdale properties to create new children’s homes

Calderdale could soon have two more small-scale children’s homes, enabling the authority to house more of its looked-after children who need placements to remain in the borough. One home opened earlier this year and will soon house a fourth young person, while work is under way to buy two more properties to convert into similar […]

New smart homes rolled out to support people with disabilities

A new initiative backed by Innovate UK will see the creation of purpose-built smart homes that respond to the needs of people with learning difficulties, autism, mental health issues or physical disabilities to enable them to live independently. The Smile Homes, created by ADS Independent Living Solutions, feature sensors and devices to assist with day-to-day […]

£12.6 million 70-bed care home to be built in Telford

A £12.6 million purpose-built care home with supported living facilities is to be built in Telford after plans were approved. A planning application for a 70-bed care home – with 12 specialist care apartments – has been approved by Telford & Wrekin Council. The development, at Randlay, will be delivered by Birmingham-based developer Urban Village […]

Post-pandemic: What changes will remain in place?

In the first of a series of interviews carried out for CHP by QCS, Daniel Casson, Digital Transformation Advisor, Care England, forecasts both the future challenges that the sector faces and the changes that will remain in place once the pandemic subsides. Grounds for optimism in the pandemic have been few and far between. But […]

Hope for a Grand Explanatory Theory of Cognitive Disease?

A just-published series of mouse studies by MIT researchers suggests that a missing or defective Ptchd1 gene may underlie a number of common cognitive impairments. The researchers, Dheeraj Roy, Ying Zhang, Guoping Feng, et al, using CRISPR-cas9 gene editing, disabled the Ptchd1 gene in mice and found that it caused behaviors akin to those seen in individuals […]