Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman on Raising a Child with Autism


Boyz II Men founding member Shawn Stockman is opening up about his support for other families raising kids who are on the autism spectrum.

The 48-year-old musician shares three kids with his wife Sharhonda, whom he wed in 2001: twin sons Micah and Ty, 18, and younger daughter Brooklyn. After Micah was diagnosed with autism at 2 years old, the parents started the foundation Micah’s Voice to help support other families who are raising children with autism.

Speaking with TMZ Live, Stockman shared a new charitable opportunity for fans to purchase limited-edition SEVENFRIDAY brand watches with proceeds benefiting Micah’s Voice and families in need.

“This watch is different from any other [watch] that you might have because when you look down on it, not only do you look at the smiley face on there, which is the Micah’s Voice logo — you can look down and say that you actually helped somebody. It’s not self-gratifying, like most watches are,” he told TMZ. “… That money will go directly to helping families with developing their child and getting their child right with this journey called autism.”

Stockman recalled wanting to help others once they realized finding the “right” care and specialists “can be very expensive.”

In a June 28 blog post on the Micah’s Voice website, Stockman wrote that “autism has been THE most challenging thing I have ever faced.”

“But with each small step forward, and every tiny victory,” he added. “There leaves a remnant of accomplishment and a feeling of worth and purpose. So in honor of the GOOD times, and the BEAUTIFUL moments, and the DEFINING goals we all achieve, my friend Dan Niederer and I created something that we hope makes you smile as much as it makes us smile! We are proud to present the LIMITED edition SEVENFRIDAY MICAH’S VOICE T1/02.”

“Proceeds of these timepieces go to Micah’s Voice, a charity my wife Sharhonda and I created to provide hope and resources for families that are affected by autism,” he continued. “We hope that with the purchase of your timespiece, you feel a sense of pride and the urge to smile every time you look down and see the watch smiling right back at you.”

“Life is hard,” said Stockman, “but it sure is nice to know that there are others on this earth that are willing and able to help make life just a little better.”

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